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Nightlife in San Jose

As with any big city, San Jose is filled with a variety of nightlife. Bars and dance clubs can be found on just about every corner of this large city. However, if you are new to the country, finding a popular and safe one can be a bit challenging. IT is always a good idea to ask your hotels front desk what they think of the particular club/bar you are thinking about going to. They can let you know if its any good, and more importantly they can let you know if its safe to go to or if its in a bad part of town.

If you are looking for stuff to do during the day, check this list of day trips from San Jose.

Below are a list of some of the popular nightlife spots in San Jose.

Dining and Restaurants

Café Expresivo
Café Expresivo is a very relaxed café restaurant, there is a wonderful story telling session that is presented occasionally and on scheduled days there is live music. This is a wonderful atmosphere to sit and chat with your friends. Some of the finest talent in the area entertains at Café Expresivo. This is also a place for folk concerts.

Chelles is a bar and restaurant that you might call local, the customers are diversified which keeps the atmosphere from being boring. This is a great place to really get into the culture. The food in this bar is down to earth and the décor of mirrors is certainly reflective, so sit and critique yourself.

Jazz Café
Jazz Café this is a place filled with the mood of jazz, the place has live music and plenty of patronage. Jazz Café continues to be one of the favorites in the area. This pub has continued to have a well designed formula for jazz entertaining.

Dance Clubs

Castro’s is a dance club that plays host to a variety of music, there are quiet little corners throughout the club where you might sit and have meaningful conversations while you enjoy the ambiance. While you are dancing maybe you will pick up a new step as you twirl around the dance floor of this glitzy nightspot.

At Copacabana, disco the night away in this spacious and unique dance club, the clientele is filled with energy and so is the music. Music comes to you in double doses in this faster than sound atmosphere, as clients dance to reggae and salsa just to name some music. Take your turn to swing into the Costa Rican night.

El Tobogan
El Tobogan has a wonderful dance floor; you might call it a dance capital. The club always has live music and is the place to bring your significant other. This dance club is made for active people, no conserving energy here, just ride the live music wire of entertainment.

Mosaikos has a truly young and extremely energetic crowd. The entrance into the club is close fit, once you are in you will find it will become wall to wall party goers. There is a DJ and the patrons can get a little unruly. If you love adventure this is the place you have been looking for.

Salsa 54
Salsa 54 is the place where you find your finest Salsa dancers. If you want to watch great Salsa dancing, this dance club is a real treat. This is not a tourist hot spot, but you can take Salsa lessons at the club. If you can already dance you should have fun and if you cannot, observe, you may pick up a few steps.

Vertigo has high ceilings and high flying music this fast moving night spot is set in the center of the business world, the club is handling business. This dance diva is new, popular, and the music is swinging into the night. As with the name the music and the atmosphere will keep you dizzy with excitement.


El Cuartel de la Boca Del Monte
El Cuartel de la Boca Del Monte is a bar and pub with its influx of students and adventurers, conversing about world affairs while listening to live music. It is a busy establishment with the energy of what the future might be.

El Observatorio
El Observatorio bar and pub is a very popular nightspot owned by a local celebrity. The décor reflect the film industry and has a very nice appetizer selection. Be careful not to bypass it, the entry way is tucked away, leaving you totally unprepared for the luxury you will find inside.

Key Largo
Key Largo is a beautifully renovated bar with old world pizzazz. A favorite place for couples out on the town but a more interesting place for those wanting the company of ladies for hire. A fashionable pick up area, you can play pool or listen to live music being played as you muse away the evening.

Shakespeare Bar
Shakespeare Bar is a quiet, conservative spot, meet your best friend after an outing and drop in for a chat. There is nothing especially dramatic going on, it is simply a great place to just go and spend time. You might say the Pub has a theater mood, classic, with the needs of the weary traveler in mind, rest and sustenance.

Photo By: mallalai140