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OTEC International – Volunteer in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the worlds most beautiful and frequently visited eco destinations. The country is proud to claim that it has been cataloged as a privileged destiny. Because of the country’s efforts to preserve wildlife and its rainforests, volunteering is huge part of Costa Rican society. Many of the locals volunteer throughout the country to help preserve the natural beauty that exists here. Many travelers to Costa Rica are eco tourists themselves and seek to help better the country by giving back. OTEC International is a volunteer company that specializes in combining an enjoyable adventure abroad and a way to give back.

The company offers volunteer projects for anyone from high school level to professionals. With a wide variety of projects and locations, there is a something for everyone to enjoy. Help care for animals and sea turtles as they migrate or assist in a women’s home. Work with children or learn about nature preservation.

All programs come at affordable costs for time durations of 0-24 months. Transportation from the airport in San Jose and overnight accommodations are included as well as emergency services, affordable accommodations, orientation to Costa Rica, a volunteers manual, temporary work permit, letter of recommendation and a certificate at the completion of the program.

To be eligible for the programs you must at least 18 years of age or be a part of a chaperoned, special program. You must have an intermediate level of Spanish skills and if you do not, a Spanish language course is available prior to the start of the program you have selected. You must have health insurance that is accepted in the country.

Travel and airfare to and from the country are not included. Personal expenses, passport fees, insurance, medical costs, and accommodation costs for the duration of your stay are not include in the cost of the program.

Programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Agro-tourist project and conservation of resources
  • Artisan production and conservation of natural resources
  • Forest conservation and restoration
  • Research and protection of turtles
  • Conservation and environmental education project
  • Factory of artisan production from residual wood
  • Farming Administration-National Parks maintenance
  • Protection of wildlife refugees
  • Teaching English in Middle and High schools in rural communities

The cost of the programs vary on your preferred duration of time and other variables. Prices start at US$550 and go to US$1150.

Remember when planning your trip to Costa Rica and choosing which program is right for you, that not all programs are available all year round. Some programs are solely seasonal due to wildlife migration times, etc..

Nothing compares to the feeling of giving back. For more information on OTEC International and the volunteer programs check out their website at