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Pure Trek in Arenal

2039722070_a87b37a801When Pure Trek first opened its doors in 2001 the proverbial flood gates were opened with the company quickly becoming the most popular destination for adventure seekers when they visit Costa Rica. Adventure is the dominant word when explaining the company as a whole, when they created Pure Trek Canyoning in Costa Rica it quickly took of with visitors from all over the world flocking to take part in adventure experiences that very few before them had ever taken part in. When the company says its staff is experienced they really mean it, as you will find out when you take one of their extensive catalogues of treks and tours guided by experts in all fields of expeditionary adventuring and exploring. This is helped by the fact that most of the adventure leaders are of South American or Costa Rican origin, so know the terrain better than anybody, this helps ensure your safety at all times through the expertise of staff members.

You will not find adventure tours anywhere on Costa Rica like the ones that Pure Trek offers. These are not just simulated experiences on theme park attractions but very real trips into what can be imagined as wandering into unknown territory. As you embark on one of the many tours you a prepared and talked through thoroughly by staff members who bring on an adrenalin rush as they explain what to expect before your adventure even begins.

What to Expect

Imagine being face to face with white water rapids and waterfalls as you speed down a river in a toughened inflatable raft on some of Costa Rica’s most challenging waterways. Not only will you spend the day negotiating white water rapids but you will see some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful landscapes and an abundance of wildlife. It is not for the faint hearted but one of the many experiences that will really get your heart racing leaving you exhilarated and thirsty for more. The day starts with your breakfast and a quick but thorough talk as you are suited up with all the equipment for the day ahead; then you will be whisked away in the provided transport to your destination. You will also have lunch provided which is great news as it is quite hungry going out there. The river tours depend on what level of ability you feel you are up to the challenge of; as the rivers are rated class II to IV which basically means how much white water you might expect on your trip.

Pure Trek have adventure tour packages all over Costa Rica there isn’t a corner left untouched by the company. There are currently six regions to choose from which are; San Jose, La Fortuna and Arenal, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, Tortuguero and Tamarindo; with plans for two more regions that the details are to be finalized for in Corcovado and Guanacaste.

Each of these regions have the finest adventure experiences that you will find in Costa Rica, all with their own unique features, such as the volcano hikes at Arenal Volcano and the tour of Venado Caves which truly are out of this world when it comes to scenery and views. The spectacular cloud forest in Monteverde is an absolute must for those who revel in scenery and wildlife; there is hardly a place like it on Earth.

There is river rafting and mountain biking among the adventure to be had in San Jose, deep sea fishing and ocean kayaking on the list of things to experience in Manuel Antonio. Other things to see in this amazing country are Green Turtles nesting and jungle hikes in Tortuguero, scuba diving and horse riding which can all be topped of with a relaxing sail into the sunset in Tamarindo.

Tips for Visiting

Without a doubt Pure Trek champion the words adventure and exploration without compromise. The experiences are not to be missed by anyone with adventure in their blood and an appetite for fun. The list of activities stretches beyond the horizon and simply cannot be taken in with just a few days to spare. You will need to plan for more or less a full two weeks at least if you want to take part the main portion of tours available. Also you should plan ahead of time when you book your trip to avoid any disappointment if you just turn up. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Most of your equipment is provided for by Pure Trek, but make sure you do bring some spare hiking equipment such as jackets, thermals, shorts, socks and a good pair of boots. You will have to be physically fit to try out some of the experiences which you will be warned about in advance by the staff and guides. There is a lot of common sense and being honest with yourself involved with some of the activities available; it is always better to know your limitations before you attempt to take part in any extreme sports or experiences. Remember nature is not to be taken lightly in some instances which in the long run, being careful will only benefit you when it comes down to your safety and enjoyment. With that information in mind you will not fail to achieve things you never thought possible in your wildest dreams, you are in for the time of your life.