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Rafting with Exploradores Outdoors

rafting.jpgNext to zip lines and canopy tours, whitewater rafting is one of the most popular adventure travel activities in Costa Rica. With a number of world class rivers ranging from easy to hardcore, theres a river here for everyone. No matter if you are looking for a relaxing float trip so you can take in the sights or and adrenaline pumping class V river, you’ll find it in Costa Rica.

While the initial price of whitewater rafting in Costa Rica might seem a bit steep for th budget traveler, there are a few things that actually make it worth while. Below is a summary of my rafting experience with Exploradores Outdoors.

Company: Exploradores Outdoors
River:: Pascwa
Cost: $95

As I said, the price may seem high for budget travelers, but when you factor in the food and transportation, it proves to be a worth while trip.

Probably the best part of the rafting package is that it includes transportation. Exploradores Outdoors will pick you up from Monteverde, Puerto Viejo, or San Jose and drive you to the Exploradores Outdoors rafting outpost. The best part though is that they will drive you back to any of those locations, even if its not where they picked you up from. Meaning, you can get picked up in Puerto Viejo, drive a few hours to the rafting outpost, go rafting, and then get a ride across country to Monteverde. It deffinitly beats having to catch taxis, figure out bus times, and all that mess.

To me, the transportation is definitely what makes the trip worth while to budget travelers. There are of course other helpful factors involved as well. the price of the rafting trip with Exploradores Outdoors includes an all you can eat breakfast buffet, mid-trip snack on the river, and lunch when you come back. All and all, when you combine the meals, transportation, and the rafting; $95 really isn’t that much.

Experience with Exploradores Outdoors

As for the company its self, I was nothing short of impressed. Its a rare find in Costa Rica to find a tour company that is genuinely happy to be serving you. The entire Exploradores Outdoors staff and raft guides were bi-lingual and very professional. They didnt just spit out the must know information. they took th time to get to know the people as well as give out advice and recommendations on what to wear, what river to choose, and other helpful advice.