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Rain Forest Aerial Tram in Jaco

2189036593_ff72791025Costa Rica is truly a vacationer’s paradise. But with so much to see and do there, if you only have a week or so, then you will really have your work cut out for you! What you will want to do will depend a lot on the atheistic prowess of you and those you are traveling with. Tons of fantastic outdoor activities abound in Costa Rica, whether it be surfing, hiking through tropical rainforests, or renting a canoe. But if you want a slower paced view of the jungle, then the perfect activity for you would be a Rain Forest Aerial Tram Tour.

Located in the small city of Jaco on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, the tram tour was made with the primary goal of raising the world’s consciousness as to the importance of tropical rainforests. Just a few decades ago, the rainforest was an exceptionally difficult place to study. One of the main reasons it was so difficult to study was that so much of it is so high up! A diverse group of plants and animals inhabits the canopies of the rainforests, which grow as high as two hundred feet above the ground. Jaco’s Rain Forest Aerial Tram Tour actually goes through the air just above the rainforest, providing a totally unique view of the jungles below!

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What to Expect

The entire tram tour also includes a walking tour to a garden of medicinal plants that are found in the jungle was well as a snake exhibit. You will watch a short video about the tram, and take a forty five minute long guided nature walk with a bilingual naturalist. And of course, you get to ride on the aerial tram! The aerial tram is really just a modified ski lift. It moves very slow, and is very relaxing. I highly recommend it for those who are looking for a wonderful view and less adventuresome and physically demanding activities. For these same reasons, I would not recommend the tour for children, because they would probably find the tram ride boring.

The aerial tram ride is about an hour long, and you travel about a half of a mile. The trip takes you from the drier climate up to the rainforest canopy. The tram passes by some really lovely views of waterfalls and of the Costa Rican coastline. The trees are just below you, and your guide will work to help you find monkeys and birds in the trees. It is very interesting, because you can see plants and animals that are usually hidden by the foliage if you are just hiking through. The tram itself is very quiet, which is neat because it makes it so that you can still hear all the sounds of the jungle along the way.

Finally, there are also really well maintained nature trails at the park that vary in difficulty. There are lots of blooming flowers and pretty plants along the the trails. And if you are interested in snakes, you will find the serpentarium to be really interesting. They have all of the different types of snakes native to Costa Rica on exhibit, from aggressive pit vipers and huge boa constrictors to incredibly poisonous snakes.

Tips for Visiting

The Rain Forest Aerial Tram Tour in Jaco is definitely not as high adrenaline as other activities available in Costa Rica such as zip line tours or hiking tours. It is a slow, comfortable ride, and it is an incredibly relaxing experience. Do not bring anyone who is really impatient along. I will emphasize this point by mentioning that they charge $27.50 for each child, even if they are only two years old. So it is not the best activity for little kids. Also, make sure not to have huge expectations about how many animals you will see. It is the wild, not a zoo. Luck and timing will decide how many interesting critters you see! And finally, be sure and bring sunscreen and comfortable shoes.