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Rental Car

Rental Cars in Costa Rica

Be forewarned that rental cars in Costa Rica are easily identifiable as such. Meaning if you leave anything of value inside the car for any amount of time, you probably wont be keeping it. It also seems that transit police like to hone in on tourists much more than the crazed local drivers.

Rental Car Scams

When renting a car in Costa Rica be sure to inspect the car closely for damages. Before you sign any papers make sure that the rental car agent has made notes on all damages. Some rental car agency will “forget” about prior damages to the car. When you return the car they will point out the damages and charge you for them.

A good idea when renting a car in Costa Rica is to take time stamped pictures of any and all damages to the car. If possible have these printed right away at a photo lab. The photo lab will print a time stamp on the back of the photos. This will help prove the authenticity of the photos.

Driving in Costa Rica

Sunday drivers and any driver that’s less than aggressive should stick to cabs and buses. As with many Central and South American countries, people here tend to drive very aggressively. Passing large truck on blind curves, make a two lane road a 4 lane road, and minimum use of blinkers are just a few of the driving techniques in Costa Rica.