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Rental House in Puerto Viejo – Casa Mono

Looking for a cool house to rent in Puerto Vijeo? Upon a little research, you will quickly find that your options of rental houses in this area of Costa Rica are quite limited. That’s not because there aren’t some good places to stay, but quite the opposite. Puerto Viejo is getting more and more popular, and as such, good rentals are hard to find. One popular rental in the area is Casa Mono.

About the House
The house is a cozy two bedroom house that has what many call, a Swiss Family Robinson feel to it. The downstairs area of the house has a bath room with cool to warm water shower (not to be confused with hot), a small bedroom with a single bed, a dog pen, and storage area.

The upstairs of the house is the true selling point of this vacation rental. The entire front half of the second story is a huge open air porch. Everything upstairs is made from local timber and really gives you the feeling of being in a tree house. There are several chairs, a bench, and larg table on the porch. The kitchen is locaed off to one side of the porch.

The kitchen includes a two burner gas range, sink, and medium size fridge and freezer. the kitchen comes stocked with eating and cooking utensils, as well as pots and pans. Don’t expect much from any of these tools though. the pans are likely to have had all the non-stick scrubbed off of them, the knives dull, and any specialty utensils will not exists.

The main room is large and has a huge bed that is made up o two single mattress with one large sheet to cover them. The room includes a mosquito net, shelves, a end table and a digital safe. the safe in the room is bolted to the ground and uses a digital combination that you select.

Rates at Casa Mono vary by length and time of year. For more information about reserving this house, visit Tropical Reservations online at their website.