Scuba Diving

Diving in Costa Rica may not be as excited as in the Keys or Great Barrier Reef, but its still a great way to spend some time if done in the right location. Banana plantations in Costa Rica have destroyed much of the costal reefs. However, there are a few spots that still provide excellent diving and snorkeling.

Best Time of Year to SCUBA Dive in Costa Rica

Heavy rains in Costa Rica forces a large amount of river runoff into the ocean. This muddies the waters even well off shore. Because of this, its best to plan dive trips in the dry season.

The best months for diving in Costa Rica are:



  • September
  • October

Best Places to SCUBA in Costa Rica

Many divers choose dive spots located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. In these locations you are much more likely to see an abundance of sea life. Sighting of sea creatures like manta ray, moray ells, white tipped sharks, and smaller fish are not uncommon.

  • Isla Uvita – This Island is just off the coast of Limon.
  • Cano Island –
  • Bat Island –
  • Catalina Islands –
  • Cocos Island –

Snorkeling in Costa Rica

Just about every hostel or hotel on the beach will offer to rent you snorkeling equipment. Just because there is no shortage of snorkeling equipment doesn’t mean there’s great snorkeling to be had. There’s a reason divers go far off shore to get good dives sites.

That reason is that river runoff, wave conditions, and rain provide less than optimal conditions for exciting reefs. However, there are a few places that do provide somewhat exciting snorkeling destinations. Manzanillo, near the Panamanian border provides one of the best snorkeling spots in Costa Rica.

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