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Sky Mountain Canopy

Sky Mountain Canopy – Costa Rica provides a way to enjoy nature safely as one glides over tree tops. The specially built metal platform was built to guarantee the safety of those who use the Canopy. The tour takes one over 7,200 feet of trails, four towers, and eight platforms. While using the the canopy, you will enjoy ocean and mountain views.

Visitors can see a picturesque view of the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Those who come for the tour, can swim at the waterfalls.

What You Can Expect
You can expect to see the breathtaking mountain and ocean views of Costa Rica in the most scenic way available. As you ride from tree to tree and canopy to canopy, using pulleys on cables, you may be surprised at the majestic view you have below. You can expect a lot of fun as you ride the canopy and listen to the guide’s description of what you see. You can expect to be comfortable and feel safe, as the cables for the Sky Mountain Canopy were designed by expert engineers.

The Location
The Sky Mountain Canopy is located in the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, or La Chirraca de Parrita, Puntarenas. It is just ten minutes from the Costanera Road. The Canopy is inside 265 acres of Creando Naturaleza Ecological Reserve.

About the Sky Mountain Canopy
Creando Naturaleza S.A. developed the Sky Mountain Canopy project. The project manager and owner, German Valverde, protects over 250 acres of Ecological Preserve. The Preserve is located in La Chirraca, Playon de Parrita, Puntarenas, which is also where the Sky Mountain Canopy is. People from Chirraca make up the staff of the Canopy project.

How to Make Reservations for Sky Mountain Canopy
The official website of Sky Mountain Canopy,, does not list prices. It is possible to use the website to contact the canopy, however, to make a reservation. You can also call the canopy project at the office at (506) 770-8325, by cell phone at (506) 830-1699 or (506) 895-1313) or e-mail at :