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Snorkeling in Manzanillo

520869_snorkeling_in_san_andres_island_7.jpgTypes of Activities: Beaches, Snorkeling, Swimming
Average Cost: $5 for snorkel rental
Recommendations: Rent your snorkel from your hotel

Once you’ve biked and hiked your way to any of the many secluded beaches in Mazanillo, it’s time to break out your snorkel and mask. There is decent snorkeling at any of the beaches here. Although it’s not the greatest snorkeling in the world, it’s still a fun way to spend the day. There are tons of small damsel fish, crabs all over the place, and if you’re lucky, you may see an eel or lobster.

I personally didn’t think the snorkeling was all that great, but that may have been because I have been to much better snorkeling locations. However, there were lots of people who would spend hours swimming around with their masks on. I guess its juts fun see such a different environment than your own.

You can walk along the beach to find a nice picnic spot if yourd like, but I recommend taking the jungle trail. The trail offer some much enjoyed shade, as well as the ocasional panoramic view of the beach and ocean. The trail goes on and on, so just stop at any point you can make your way to the beach. It won’t be hard to find a private beach if you walk long enough.