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Surfing in Costa Rica

Finding some the nest surfing spots in Costa Rica should not be that hard. Before visiting you should take the time to look on the Internet and find out what is the best time and where is the best surf in Costa Rica.

Year Round Surfing
You may already know that surfing in Costa Rica is pretty much great year round. That makes for a great vacation any time! You may want to do some research before getting your surf on. You should know that Costa Rica’s summer months run from mid December to April. That is a big difference compared to the U.S. Costa Rica’s summer temperature can get very hot and usually do not have the occasional rain shower as the U.S. Does. You should also know that crowds for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter can get pretty big and fierce!

When visiting Costa Rica you will notice that they are not the home to huge waves but the consistency is what makes them such a great place to surf. During the months of December through April you will feel a strong off shore wind that combines with an ideal swell that makes for some of the best surfing possible. The best way to make sure you are getting the best surf in Costa Rica is to try to visit two different places to keep up with best breaks in surfing. You may prefer to get a rental car so you can travel back and forth between the two places to make sure you can watch and get the best surfing possible.

Surfing Vacations
One of the best things about surfing in Costa Rica is the fact that they are home to some of the lowest violence rates. They really do not have theft that goes on in normal hotels around the world. You may want to just like anywhere you go to make sure you put all your personal belongings away in a safe place so nothing happens to them. Car theft can take place anywhere so you really do not want to chance having everything including your passport stolen. They basically have safe conditions in the water except for the occasional Croc. So you may want to be quite observant while in between breaks.

When to Go
You may want to make sure you do some good research on Costa Rica to decide if it is the place that you want to spend your vacation surfing or not. They have some of the best surfing but only at certain times. You may want to do some research to find out what is the best season and take your vacation at times that they recommend. The Internet offers tons of great information on Costa Rican surfing so make sure you take advantage of it.

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