Surfing in Costa Rica is some of the best in the world. There are world famous beaches, breaks, and wave all over Costa Ricas coastline. The variety of surfs and breaks makes surfing in Costa Rica easy enough for the newbie, but challenging and enjoyable enough for the experienced.

Learning to Surf in Costa Rica

Those looking at getting into surfing will find that just about anywhere there is a beach in Costa Rica there is surfboard rental shop close by. In some of the smaller towns all you will find is renatl boards and its up to you to figure out how to use them. In the popular costal Towns there are plenty of “surf schools” and instructors to teach you how to surf.




Experienced Surfers
Experienced surfers have no doubtable heard about many of the popular spots surfing spots in costa Rica like Salas Brava in Puerto Viejo and Pavones. If you haev never heard of Pavones you cant really be a surfer. Off of Costa Ricas Pacific Coast, near the Panamanian boarder is Pavones

Pavones is arguably one of the longest riding waves in the world. On a good day riders can cruise down this left-point break for almost a mile.

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