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Tabacon Hot Springs and Resort

852246088_28e52c14c7A vacation like no other awaits you at the Tabacon Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Costa Rica. There are relaxing and intriguing natural environments for you to explore, and although tourists flock to Tabacon to enjoy the exciting attractions, the amount of tourists will not distract you from recharging your body and your mind. Look forward to a memorable experience due to the unique nature of the hot springs, heated by the Arenal volcano, and stay in the resort the entire time as you explore the fact that the majority of attractions are right within arm’s reach. This beautiful and tropical resort is situated on a volcano, so the hot springs and pools are heated naturally from within. You will find Tabacon in a rain forest setting with many pools, springs, spas, a swim up bar and other relaxing and interesting attractions; there will never be a boring moment.

What to Expect

The hot springs themselves are next to the main lodge of the Tabacon Hot Springs Resort and Spa, and you will find that your room overlooks the Arenal volcano. You will actually be able to hear the sounds of the volcano as steam and lava come out of its vents, so be sure to watch it at night for the spectacular display of red lava to be seen from your room window. It is recommended that you come to Tabacon during the dry season so that the Arenal volcano is easy to see. Enjoy the hot springs during the evening, a relaxing retreat from the tropical temperatures during the day, as well as Pina Coladas or other favorites. Tourists enjoy the Tabacon hot springs all year around, and while your first thought may be that playing on a volcano might be something for thrill seekers, this volcano is purely for relaxation.

There are pools of different temperatures and sizes for you to try, all with massaging waters that are mineral enriched, as well as a waterfall and interesting and exotic plants. You will also find some exciting guided tours to locations such as the Monteverde Cloud Forest and Lake Arenal. You are guided through the Monteverde Cloud Forest by a tour-guide, beginning with the 70 acre Cloud Forest reserve and being informed about old forest and new forest growth.

Then, prepare to be taken up into the tree tops where you will cascade back to the ground safely after listening to educational information about the rainforest and wildlife. Lake Arenal has a 2 hour tour by boat where fishing for trophy rainbow bass and a spectacular view of Arenal Volcano are enjoyed. Watch the eruptions of the Arenal Volcano from the boat – a truly amazing and unique experience to enjoy.

Tips for Visiting

Be sure to plan your trip ahead to book your room at Tabacon Hot Springs Resort and Spa, many tourists seek the relaxation of the hot springs and you may be disappointed if you try to book your room on short notice. Spa treatments should also be booked a day in advance to ensure your appointment. Be sure to bring water shoes that will help you walk safely on the rocks inside the hot springs, you will want to take precautions to keep yourself safe while in the water, a smart thing to do at any resort or pool.

Book your trip during the dry season for volcano views. Come alone or bring your spouse, Tabacon Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Costa Rica will quickly become one of your favorite vacation spots with plenty to do and see both in the resort as well as out on the town.