Mal Pais is a really small, but really cool place to visit. It is kind of a secret spot that only those in the surfing community really know about. Combine the lack of tourist information about there are with how hard it is to get there and you are blessed […]

Things to Do in Mal Pais

If you are looking for a destination that has the perfect mix of touristy things to do and beautiful Costa Rican beaches, then Tamarindo is where you need to be. The area has become pretty developed over the years, but not so much that it is overrun with large hotels […]

Things to Do in Tamarindo

San Jose, Costa Rica is a phenomenal place to visit while on a tour or vacation, and offers a wide array of interesting things to do. Exploring the area can be incredibly fun and eye-opening, especially if you are fan of the outdoors and nature activities. San Jose also boasts […]

What to do in San Jose

Costa Rica, the retirement and travel destination of choice for many foreigners, is not the bargain basement value that it used to be. The prices of homes, land, lodging and entertainment venues have risen along with its popularity. However, there are still a number of fun and interesting places that […]

Free Things to Do in Costa Rica