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The Asis Project Costa Rica

michelle_nenaThe Asis Project Costa Rica is interestingly place to visit for vacation in or to perform environmental based volunteer work, relax, or learn about Costa Rican culture. There are not many places in the world where you can experience life with a local family, learn the language from native speakers, and see local wild animals. People of all ages can come and experience the paid tours and learn from the Costa Rican people.

There is a special wildlife preservation area, at the Asis Project Costa Rica that visitors can visit and contribute to with their volunteer work. The purpose of the Asis project is to work with the Ministry of the Environment and Energy and with the Monteverde Conservation League. This is a non profit that maintains to the 54,000 Children’s Eternal Rain Forest.

What to Expect

The wild animal rescue experience was designed with MINAE’s purpose of preserving the wildlife and participating in environmental conservation programs. With an increasing number of people living in modern cities and towns, it may be at once in a lifetime chance to experience this type of natural forest environment. This Asis Project has animals on display that have been rescued from harmful situations in the wild.

Volunteers that arrive are able to help with animal medical treatments, food, and introducing new animals to their new natural habitat home. Each volunteer has the ability to clean out cages, build cages, and interact closely with some of the animals.

In other areas of the Asis project volunteers can also help with local recycling ongoing projects, plant tree seedlings, participate in construction in the local community, and the assist the local rural English teacher. The voice of a naive English speaker helps the glass immensely.

Learn Spanish

Learning another language is a goal that many people have. However, there are not always abundant opportunities to learn a language from an authentic Spanish speaker. There is a Spanish institute that operates for four hours each day. This is plenty of time to practice of authentic Spanish while in Costa Rica. Spanish students are able to practice their language skills immediately. It is not always possible to hear, speak, and practice a new language around native speakers. The four hour study format leaves enough time during working hours for visitors to experience the rest of the Asis Projects tours. Touring programs are held Monday through Friday during the business week. There is an Animal Science program that helps explain details of raising cattle and acquiring dairy products. There are touring programs for entire families to come and experience Costa Rica together as a group.

Live with a Host Family

Host families open up their home so that visitors can experience daily Costa Rican family life. Visitors are allowed to become one of the family and live in their homes for an additional charge. A visitor can expect clothes to be laundered for them, prepared meals, private room for sleeping, access to the family bathroom, and hospitality. The house that the visitors stay is is similar to a modest middle class home.

While visiting all visitors have the option of exploring eight acres of the ecological reserve. In the reserve there are wild boars, monkeys, parrots, and many other animals native to Costa Rica.

Whos it For?

Touring the Asis Project Costa Rica is available for children as well as adults. There are programs for families, college students, groups on tour, professional corporate groups, and high school students. All visitors are encouraged to contact the Centers for Disease control to find out which vaccines they need to acquire if any, before traveling. A valid passport will be needed for travel and to exchange money once arriving in Costa Rica. It will be helpful for visitors to bring their own supply of bug repellent in travel size containers that are allowed in carry on luggage for travel. Use these travel tips when planning a family, corporate, or school trip to the Asis Project Costa Rica.