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Things to do in Quepos

Quepos made our list of top 10 cities in Costa Rica because it is packed with plenty of things to do for the adventure minded traveler. From deep sea fishing to waterfall repelling, Quepos has it all. Unlike some other adventure oriented cities on our list, Quepos is also great because it offers up plenty of beach exploring as well. This is something other adventure destinations like La Fortuna can’t offer. Below are a few of our favorite things to do in Quepos.

If you have any other suggestions, let us know and we will add them to the list!

Charter Boat Fishing in Puerta Quepos

2405273573_cfcc1d9dda_mThere is a wealth of activities in Quepos, some that revolve around the sea and other that take advantage of the scenic panoramas. One thing that is a must for any sports enthusiast is a sport fishing trip. There are literally hundreds of charters available. Most can be got and rented ahead of time so that you can be assured to get a boat. If it is a family vacation you and the whole clan can go out to sea and bring home the big fish. These fishing trips are usually an all day event so be sure to block out the appropriate amount of time. Getting out to sea off the coast of Costa Rica gives you a chance to see Quepos in all of its splendor. Moving out from puerto Quepos you can see the ocean village surrounded by mountain peaks that drop into the ocean. Once out to the deep sea there is all manner of fish to be caught and rest assured that it will be a challenge to even the most advanced of fisherman.

Manuel Antonio National Park Guided Hike

3141728730_437e675342_mFor an affordable rate you can find half day hikes that will cover the majority of the park. The trails are fairly easy so you do not need to be an expert climber to enjoy this nature experience. Once out into the park you will be surrounded by the natural flora and fauna of Costa Rica. These hikes offer you unique chance to possible see monkeys and other native creatures while at the same time enjoying all the natural flowers and other plants. Views of gorgeous beaches and panoramas at the mountains peaks give you a once in lifetime look at this rain forest scenery. If you have never been to Costa Rica before this is a must do. The chance to see wildlife unique to Costa Rica is not something you can experience anywhere else.

Costa Rican Canopy Safari

1159612568_70aabee75c_mA knowledgeable and friendly guide will take you through the tour high above the Costa Rican rain forest. Their insight and knowledge will teach about all of the different natural features of the Costa Rican environment. In addition you will be zipping from tree to tree at breakneck speed on your zip lines, so while the trip will be educational it is exhilarating as well. The guides will speak English so book a trip confidently even if your Spanish is not up to snuff. Most of the canopy tours are about five hours long so it will take up most of a day. There are also night safari’s available that will give you a totally different perspective from the day trip. The wild rain forest at night is something to behold.

Waterfall Rappelling

2996358819_80a177863c_mIf you are a true outdoors man or woman and are looking for a challenge in the Costa Rican environment then waterfall rappelling is probably right up your alley. Strap in and descend down eighty five foot cascades on this once in lifetime activity. By going on a rappelling waterfall outing you will be literally immersing yourself in the Costa Rican environment. Get wet and dig in to enjoy Costa Rica in all of it’s glory. There is nothing quite like rappelling right down the middle of a waterfall in the middle of the rain forest. The company will provide you with all the equipment you need to hop in and get started right away. Feel the water rush past as you descend down the near vertical river. This is a once in lifetime experience you will not want to miss.

Tocari Waterfalls Horseback Ride

345972093_599c0d2dc3_mOne of the most relaxing and casual activities that you can do in Quepos is a horseback ride to the Tocari waterfalls. Site back and let your expert guide take you down the trails to the gorgeous waterfalls. They will teach about the history of Costa Rica and give you lessons on all the local flora and fauna. A truly fun outing for the experienced and inexperienced rider. The trails are not to challenging and the horses can handle them easily. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy.