Top 10 Hottest Costa Rican Models

The lower Americas have always been known for producing some exceptional looking ladies. When talking about hotties from down south, Costa Rica isn’t usually the first place that comes to mind. Many people think of Argentina and Brazil as capital countries for Latin American models, but this post on the top 10 hottest Costa Rican models might change your mind.

Some may argue about the order, but it all comes down to taste I guess. I have included links to all of the girls portfolio sites. So, if you find one that catches your eye and want to see more, just check out their portfolio. Each girls portfolio site has many more pictures of each of them.

While these girls are models and not escorts, their are plenty of prostitutes in Costa Rica who are and look just as good as these models.

Leave us a comment telling us who your favorite Costa Rican Model is.

10. Angeline Conejo

9. Karol Quesada

8. Jale Berahimi




7. Karla Bermudez

6. Hazel Carvajal

5. Johanna Ortiz

4. Krystel Byers

3. Sharon Brenes

2. Diana Salinas

1. Kathryn Arbenz

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