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Top Hostels in San Jose

There is certainly no shortage of backpacker hostels in San Jose. But, there are plenty of ones that aren’t worth going to. I have visited just about all of the best hostels in San Jose over the last few months. Below is a small, but growing list of the top hotels in San Jose for budget backpackers.

Tranquillo Backpackers

My full review of Tranquillo Backpackers

This has to be my favorite backpacking hostel in all of San Jose. It is the perfect blend of party hostel and relaxing hostel. The use of the phrase party hostel might be a bit much. The atmosphere here is upbeat and musics fills the air until the 11:00 quite time hour. The staff here is super friendly and willing to help you with cabs, directions, and even order food. The hostel is large and offers a variety of dorms and single rooms. Each night comes with a free community movie, coffee, tea, and a pancake breakfast.

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Costa Rica Backpackers

My full review of Costa Rica Backpackers

If Tranquillo Backpackers is full, my next choice is always Costa Rica Backpackers. This hostel is much more laid back and quiet. It is a bit further from downtown San Jose, but nothing a short cab ride or 15 minute walk can’t fix. The staff here is hit or miss. Some of theme are extremely nice and helpful, while others could really care less about you. There are a handful of community computers here, a pool, and large community kitchen. There are plenty of dorms and private rooms to go around. They also play movies nightly and have a restaurant on site.

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Hostel Pangea

My full review of Hostel Pangea

While I am not a big fan of this hostel, that is not to say that it isn’t a good one. If you are looking for a hip party hostel, this is the place for you. The hostel is huge and filled with trppy murals lining the walls and walkways of the hostel. There is a full blown dance club on the roof. next to the dance club you can find a full service bar and restaurant. There are also dozens of computers thrown out across the hostel. The staff here is nice enough, but the hostel is run more like a hotel so they are not as laid back and nice about checking out late, using the computers after check out, and other silly stuff.

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