Travel Agents

As nice as Costa Rica is, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially to a novice traveler. Just getting from the airport to your hotel can be a challenge. If you aren’t a seasoned traveler yet or just haven’t brushed up enough on your high school Spanish, perhaps you should look into a travel agent. A good travel agent in Costa Rica can take much of the frustration out of your travels. No longer will you have to argue with cross eyed cabbies or worry about getting ripped off when you exchange money.

Its hard to find a good travel agent anywhere in the world, but especially hard in Costa Rica. With a lack of jobs and lots of tourism, everybody and their brother is a travel agent/tour guide/realtor. Your best bet to finding a good travel agent is to do a lot of research. Start by talking to others who have used travel agents in Costa Rica. Visit forums, websites, message boards and more so that you can plan as much as possible before you leave.




If you are travel agent in Costa Rica and want to share your services with the Costa Rica Logue readers, then drop us an e-mail. Additionally, if you are interested in advertising your Costa Rica trips on the Logue we can do that too. If you are the first advertiser to sign up, your information will be listed as “featured” for the first 12 months.

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