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Travel Hostel Dreamplace

13061-8Many people are drawn to the sleepy little community of Heredia in Costa Rica to view the spectacular La Paz waterfall gardens, which is a backpackers paradise. And naturally the backpackers, surfers, students and all other sorts of travelers make good use of the accommodations at Travel Hostel Dreamplace in Costa Rica.

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What to Expect

Young people such as students and backpackers take advantage of the inexpensive rates that are available at hostels compared to hotels and they seem to fill their needs for some simple lodging, rather than an expensive hotel. The question of how hostels came about is an interesting story. Back in the early 1900’s a teacher and his pupils were caught in a bad thunderstorm and took refugee in a near by barn. The teacher saw the need for people to have a place to rest and you guessed it, the idea for the first hostels were conceived.

Heredia is the perfect place to run a hostel for backpackers, which is what their business is centered around. The city of flowers (Heredia) is a big draw for backpackers that just need a clean, well maintained place to lay over for a few days with mild temperatures all year round. Many people use the Travel Hostel Dreamplace as a stopping off place before heading onto San Jose.

The people that run the Travel Hostel Dreamplace make every effort to see that you will enjoy your stay with them. They realize that people from out of town can use an extra helping hand and they provide maps and information free of charge. There is also a public transportation service desk available. Booking reservations for rental cars and flights are easily handled for you by them, as well. If you place a reservation in advance they will provide transportation to and from the airport. They also take care of currency exchange for you.

Accommodations and Amenities

What a selection of accommodations there are to choose from at Travel Hostel Dreamplace. They rent rooms with four beds and they also offer rooms with eight beds. This is really handy for small groups that may be traveling together. In addition to these options, you can rent private rooms with two beds or a private room with a king size bed.

Some of the other amenities that are part of the service at the Travel Hostel Dreamplace are showering and toilet facilities for both females and males. Bed linen and fresh towels are also included. Storage compartments are available for bikes, surfboards and luggage.

The Travel Hostel Dreamplace offers two common areas. One is a lovely outdoor terraced area and the other is an indoor common area. Both areas are ideal for chatting with new people that you meet there or you can take care of your Internet needs in either area, because they accommodate you with WiFi. If you want some entertainment, the indoor common area also provides cable TV.

There isn’t much that the folks over at the Travel Hostel Dreamplace have not included to meet all of your needs. The hostel is wheelchair accessible to all. It comes complete with a café restaurant for casual dining. They have made arrangement for a smoking and non-smoking zones. While your staying there you can take advantage of the washing machine, dryer and security lockers.

What you probably didn’t know about this hostel, is that there is no curfew at the Travel Hostel Dreamplace. There staff is available 24 hours a day and you can feel free to come and go as you please, which is great for young people. Many hostels do actually enforce a curfew and this is one requirement that you may want to keep in mind when your shopping around for a hostel that will work for your particular needs. Travel Hostel Dreamplace, just about gives you all the comforts of home at an inexpensive price.

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