Travel Insurance

Costa Rica ziplineMany people get travel insurance for every trip, and others tend to never even look into it. Depending on where you are going and what you’ll be doing, insurance might make a lot of sense for you, and the peace of mind for the people back home can be worth the price as well. It tends to be less expensive than most people expect, so it really doesn’t hurt anything to look into it.

Types of travel insurance to consider

Trip Protection Insurance

This policy will normally cost a small percentage of your overall trip expenses, and will cover most of your non-refundable travel expenses if a crisis comes up such as: death, sickness, airline strike, travel provider going bankrupt, and many other things as well. If you’ve saved up a bunch of money for this trip and you would be devastated if something happened so you never got to go or fully enjoy it, this small price might be worth it to you.

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Travel Medical Insurance

Just as it sounds, this policy will cover most or all of your medical expenses, should you need them, when you are traveling. Sitting at a Costa Rica beach resort isn’t too dangerous, but if you are doing adventure activities on the beach or in the jungles this could really come in handy. You may have coverage from home that is valid on this trip, but many people are on their own while traveling even when they have a good policy at home. It’s worth checking into that part at least.




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Flight/Travel Accident Insurance

This covers you if something horrible happens to your flight. This is mostly for peace of mind, and at least it’s quite cheap.

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Annual multi-trip Insurance

Costa Rica is a big destination for frequent or long-term travelers, so this might be the best one for many visitors. It covers you for multiple trips during a year for only a bit more than covering a single trip, and with far less hassle than multiple policies.

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Emergency Evacuation Insurance

This one is probably only of interest to the real jungle adventure travelers. The rain forest canopy is usually quite safe in Costa Rica, but when you are flying through the air and so forth, anything can happen. The hospitals in the country are better than most in neighboring countries, but an evacuation to one of them could still cost a fortune if you aren’t covered.

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