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Unique Ways to Get Wet in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long been known as great beach destination that also offers eco-activities like jungle tours and ziplining. It’s also a legendary surf spot, but riding the waves isn’t the only way to make a splash in Costa Rica. There are actually several other water sports in Costa Rica that are easy to do and will show you another side of this beautiful country.

If surfing isn’t you thing, you can try sea kayaking, go diving or snorkeling, set sail on a boat, or simply cast a line for some fresh fish. For a lightly more active experience, try white-water rafting or try your hand at rappelling down a waterfall which provides an adrenaline rush that hiking just can’t do.

Some of the activities can be done on your own, but to make the most of your time check out adventure tours in Costa Rica. A guide will provide transport and all the equipment, plus they’ll know exactly where to go for the best experience. Some tour companies can even provide you with an entire package – from flights to San Jose to all accommodations, activities and transfers – all for one price. Costa Rica offers the best of both worlds in that respect for adventure tourists; there is enough infrastructure to make planning your trip a breeze, but the country is still undeveloped enough to offer plenty of wild spaces for adventure.

Photo by geekgirlnyc