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World famous surfing can be found all over Costa Rica. But don’t take my word for it. The movie Endless Summer II was filmed on Costa Rica’s vast beaches and surf spots. With so many point and beach breaks that work year round, it is no wonder why Costa Rica is such a hot surfing destination.

Whether you’re and experienced surfer who wants to tempt fate at Salsa Brava, or a novice who wants to get started, there’s something for everyone. If there’s one thing there isn’t a lack of in Costa Rica it’s surf schools and surf charters.

Adventure Travel

Adventure travel covers a wealth of things to do in Costa Rica. For the faint of heart adventure travelers there are activities such as bird watching, snorkeling, day cruises, and yoga retreats. For those of you up for a little more adventure you won’t have any trouble finding it.

Not for the faint of heart activities include bungee jumping off a 262 foot bridge, hang gliding around the Coast of Jaco, and whitewater rafting on the class V Pacuare River.


The abundance of wildlife and national parks make animal sittings and trips easy to come across. One of the most popular animal activities in Costa Rica are turtle excursions. Trips to turtle nesting grounds have become increasingly popular.

There are many animal trips geared toward specific animals such as iguanas, monkeys, humming birds and more. Many of the national parks also have guided tours and animal sitting hikes.


Expeditions in Costa Rica are typically classified by their primitive accommodations and ample amount of outdoor activities. Most of the Expeditions you’ll find are set near remote stretches of coast line or around the mountianios and volcano regions.

While most of these expedition locations have basic loding, there are plenty of them who cater to the more upscale crowd. These types of expeditions are more like mini resorts for the more active traveler.


Costa Rica has everything from day trip chraters for deep sea fishing to high class fishing camps. In popular fishing destinations its easy to find and hire charters to take you to the best fishing spots around.

If your entire trip is based around fishing you may want to check out some of the fishing camps located near many of the popular fishing spots. Both moderate and luxury accommodations can be found depending on where you stay. Many of the fishing camps hold some sort of world record.

Jungle Tours

Next to surfing, jungle tours are one of the most popular things to do in Costa Rica. Jungle tours come in all shapes and sizes. Some are merely guided treks up volcanoes, while others are miles of tree top canopy tours.

Canopy tours are located all over the country. Odds are if you aren’t near one, you can arrange for them to come and pick you up. These tours range in length and price so you may want to pick one out ahead of time.

Rain Forest

Scuba Diving