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Wireless Hotspots in Costa Rica

Believe it or not, Costa Rica actually offers a number of Wireless Hotspots across the country. Most of these Wireless hotspots are located in the central valley. Areas like San Jose, Alajuela, Heredia, and Escazu are the most popular spots for wireless hotspots.

Many of the wireless hotspots in this area brought to you by a company called Hotspot Express. To use these hotspots you need a Hotspot Express account which is $24.95 a month. To see a full list of their wireless hotspot locations, click here.

Outside of the central valley you will be hard pressed to find regular wireless hotspots. Wireless hotspots are becoming more and more popular though. Its not uncommon to find hotels and hostels that have their own private wireless networks. These type of private wireless networks are either free to use or charge a small fee much like other internet cafes.