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Working in Costa Rica

Want to extend your Costa Rica vacation but your funds are running a little low? Why not try to find a local job? Finding a job in Costa Rica isn’t as hard as you might think. Many youth hostels hire travelers on a regular basis.

Some of these hostels pay you a small amount and give you free room and board. Others will pay more, but probably wont give you free room and board.

If you are planning ahead there are a number of websites that can help you find more long term work. Some of these websites will help you with work visas and other important paperwork. When looking for long term work it is important to find out what type of visa or documentation you need. Some people/business will pay you under the table, while others are more strict.

Websites for finding work in Costa Rica

Craigs List – The Costa Rican Craig’s List page might not have as many post as your home town, but it is still widely used. It is a good place to look for jobs in a variety of fields. Here you can search through jobs ads and contact employers through e-mail. – This website is mainly geared toward finding volunteer work and other adventure programs. There is a section on the site titled “Jobs Abroad”, but only about half of the ads are for jobs. The rest are misplaced ads for the volunteer jobs.

OnlineTEFL – This is a great website if you want to teach English in Costa Rica. They can certify you to teach English and help you find work. The thing that makes this website better than other like it is the free trail. They offer a free trail to let you see how the TEFL course works and helps you decide if teach English is right for you. They also have volunteer positions.

Anywork Anywhere – A small website that allows you to search for jobs worldwide. The database here is small, but every once in a while, you will find some good jobs.