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Baldi Hot Spring

2577998371_180d9662e5How does relaxing in secluded, warm hot springs while watching lava flow out of a volcano sound for a vacation? Costa Rica is a traveler’s paradise, with hidden black sand beaches, incredible surfing, and jungles at your doorstep. The country has a stable political system, many people speak English, and you can get incredible deals when you travel there! So in addition to all of the gorgeousness that Costa Rica already has to offer, let us add one more item to your itinerary.

What to Expect

If you are in the Arenal area, you really have to check out the Baldi Hot Springs. Baldi is made made up of 30 hot and cold pools of varying temperatures. The cooler pools are great so that when your body gets too hot, you can cool off for a little while before getting back in. Baldi is cheaper than any of the other hot springs in the Arenal area, but just as opulent. There are plenty of hidden away coves and pools that are perfect for honeymooners, and Baldi Hot Springs also has terrific views of the nearby Arenal volcano!

Baldi Hot Springs has the largest and most expansive set of hot spring in the Arenal area. In addition to the hot springs, there are many different walking paths and gardens, large and small cool water pools, and cascading waterfalls. The bulk of the Baldi Hot Springs is made up of man made hot tubs and pools that are much more contrived than Tabacón and Eco Termales offer. Tabacón and Eco Termales both offer a more natural, open atmosphere. However, if this natural atmosphere is what you are looking for, there are pools at the back of Baldi that are more like this. Many people do not even know about these other five pools because they are so well hidden. So when you go, make sure you walk up past the water slides to get to these hot springs, which are deeper, hotter, and less crowded.

Baldi Hot Springs offers all the amenities you could ever want. There are three swim-up bars, two waterslides, a restaurant, a Spa, and rooms to change your clothes in. There are lockers for rent, and the parking is locatd behind a guarded gate, so you do not have to worry about theft. There is a large variety of pools at Baldi, two functional waterslides, and the gardens are beautiful. Baldi Hot Springs is a perfect place to play with all of your kids, and it is also a romantic place to be alone with your spouse. At night, Baldi Hot Springs gets much quieter, and you may even be able to see the Arenal lava flows! Finally, there is also a large pyramid in the hot springs, and when you go in it, you can get a really great views of the Arenal Volcano, as well as of the whole San Carlos region.

Tips for Visiting

If you are going to be visiting the Baldi Hot Springs in the near future, here are some tips to help your trip be as fun as possible. It costs $25 per person to go to the hot springs, however, there are several hotels and travel agencies from which you can pre-purchase your tickets for only $17 each. While Baldi is less expensive than either Tabacón or Eco Termales, it is still not the cheapest activity ever. If you purchase a drink at the bar, it will cost you around $10, and just a bottle of water costs $5.

However, the hot springs give you a wristband so that you can leave and re-enter the park at your leisure. So if you do not wish to spend a lot on dinner, you do not have to eat at the Baldi Hot Springs restaraunt.