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Canoa Aventura in Arenal La Fortuna

396010595_1f880de190Exploring the jungles and waterways of Costa Rica is something every visitor to Costa Rica wants to do. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that should be done on your own. It is way to easy to get lost and there are way to many dangers out there. It is for these reasons it is in your best interest to see these marvels of Costa Rica with a guide or tour company. The Canoa Aventura tour operator is a great one to go exploring with; be it by canoe or hike. They offer several exciting tours that last the better part of the day.

What to Expect

The Canoa Aventura tour operator offers a variety of tours, but the most popular are either the hiking tour or the canoe tour. Both are equally as cool, but you will have to decide for yourself which one is up your alley.

Canoe is the Mode of Travel – Safari Float

Stay alert because you will not want to miss a thing on this tour. The gentle lapping of the water as the canoe makes it way down the Rio Peñas Blancas (River of White Rocks) is about as peaceful as it gets. The cost of this tour will certainly be worth every penny spent. The topical birds and other wildlife are quite abundant. There is also a good chance you may catch a glimpse of the morpho butterfly. This American butterfly which is also a tropical has lustrous blue wings. The guides on these tours are extremely knowledgeable. You will probably end up learning more about the animal life in this area than you ever thought possible.

If Walking is more Your Style – Arenal Volcano Tour

If you want to explore the lush rain forest on the Arenal volcano, this is the perfect tour. Only a few minutes into the hike you will immersed in the lush rain forest. Depending on what time of the day you go, you are likely to see all kinds of wildlife. You can pretty much bet on seeing, or at least hearing, monkeys, toucans, and plenty of other jungle animals. Don’t expect to feed any of these animals, but be ready to snap some pictures for sure.

An hour and a half walk through the rainforest will allow many photos of the lush tropical beauty to be added to your vacation album. Relax at the end of the tour at the Tabacon Hot Springs. Like heaven on earth, surrounded by the lush jungle and waterfalls that will take your breathe away, the ultimate in rest and relaxation is possible here. And speaking of waterfalls, if you want to see the most overwhelming view of a waterfall, the La Catarata de la Fortuna is the one. With falling water from 70 meters, this is an exhilarating experience.

If you are really ready for some excitement, the Arenal Volcano which has been an active volcano since 1968 constantly erupts. This has been going on daily since that time and often you will hear thunder associated with the eruptions. After dark this is a spectacular show as the red rocks spewing from the volcano make their way down the side lighting the night.

Tips for Visiting

Arenal Volcano Tour lasts about 4 hours, so prepare yourself beforehand and wear comfortable shoes. This will be extraordinary sights that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you would like to stay closer to the volcano there is a new hotel which has been built, Hotel Arenal Kioro which is a great place to stay for a spectacular view of the volcano. The straight shot view of the active volcano will make for a wondrous show. If you are into nighttime photography you can get some spectacular shots of this volcano erupting and showing its own fireworks display.

When choosing Arenal La Fortuna, Costa Rica for your vacation, there are two seasons. The rainy season or green season and the high season make a difference in what prices are charged at many attractions and hotels. If you are on a budget but want to see the beautiful area, the green season is the time for budget minded people to take their vacation here.