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Popular Beaches in Costa Rica

It is no secret that many of the people that vacation to Costa Rica are doing so to relax on one of its many breathtaking beaches. There is no shortage of beautiful coastline in Costa Rica, but picking
the right beach to visit depends on the type of atmosphere you want. Costa Rica offers everything from remote and secluded beaches to popular party town beaches. If you are not sure which beach offers which type of atmosphere, the list below should help.

Popular beaches in Costa Rica:

Puerto Viejo
Puerto Viejo is an extremely laid back beach town on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Many backpackers come here to hang out for a few days because the town offers a wide variety of very affordable activities. There are a variety of beaches in the area as well. There are several extremely popular surfing beaches, tons of great snorkeling spots, and further away from town are some very private beaches.

Manuel Antonio
This beach town is pretty much responsible for starting the whole eco-tourism movement in Costa Rica. Here you can find miles and miles of postcard perfect beaches that are backed by equally beautiful jungles. The atmosphere here is very vacation and family friendly. The higher rates in the area tend to keep lower budget travelers at bay. this means you don’t have to worry about hordes of backpackers, surfers, and loud parties.

This is a pretty relaxed beach town on the Pacific coast that feels more like a beach town from the Caribbean coast. If you liked Puerto Viejo, you will love Montezuma. The town is small, but offers quite a bit of things to do for every budget. This is another popular beach spot for backpackers to visit as there are some popular places to camp on the beach here.

Mal Pais
If you are a surfer looking for a cool surf town that isn’t over crowed with bars and wannbe surfers, this is the place you are looking for. The town is small and only sports a few bars and restaurants, but there are a few really popular surf hostels and pretty decent surfing year round.

Playa Tamarindo
Playa Tamarindo keeps growing in popularity and for good reason. This beach town offers a little bit of everything. The beach first became popular for tourist wishing to watch turtles nest. Over the years it has become a popular surf spot and vacation destination. Here you will find plenty of beach, parks and surfing. There is something for every budget here.