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Spa Uno in Manuel Antonio

1124143474_b0c497410fManuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is home to everything from beaches, to surfing, to an incredible variety of wildlife. With so much to see and do, you may feel like you will have to run to get to do everything! So if you are getting too good of a workout spending your days going down ziplines, kayaking, hiking, and surfing, you might need a vacation from your vacation!

In addition to all the other many great attractions in Manuel Antonio, there is one you may not know about; Spa Uno. Many visitors highly recommend spending at least a half day at Spa Uno to rejuvinate well worked muscles and to really let yourself unwind. For anyone who has visited before, Spa Uno has become one of their favorite parts of visiting Costa Rica. Totally unique from any other spa you have been to before, Spa Uno has a tropical flavor that makes it an absolutely indulgent experience!

What to Expect

Spa Uno is located just off the main road that goes between the cities of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. They have every type of spa treatment you could want from warm-stone massages to cleansing facials, and even treatments that can help you preserve your hard earned tan! But the unique thing about Spa Uno is that the spa’s owner, Molly McBride, has specially-developed her own line of organic products that are unique to the spa. She makes the “Raw Botanicals” treatments herself in small batches. Most of the ingredients are local, but all of them are totally organic. It is actually the very first organic skin care line that has ever been created in Costa Rica. The products utilize the incredible powers of the jungle’s fruits and flowers in a way that has never been done before.

If you decide to get the Canopy Deck Adventure, your massage is actually done outdoors on their treetop observation deck. This is a cool experience because you can hear birds and monkeys play as you get your massage! And the products they use smell so delectable, you will wish you were eating them. During the full body massage, they use their Mango Dream Cream to fully hydrate your skin. Then they do a body scrub made out of organic Costa Rican cocoa powder.

Or, you can opt for the indoor Tropical Treasure Spa Experience. With this package, the masseur will place a vanilla-bean pillow across your eyes and give you a scalp massage. Then, you get a papaya facial, and following that, a deep conditioning banana hair mask. After that, they prepare your hands to get a manicure by giving you a warm mango butter hand wrap and massage. Finally, once your hands are soft and smooth, you get a full manicure and pedicure treatment.

If you are looking into getting a treatment, I recommend the Canopy Deck Adventure. Being outside, literally in the middle of the jungle, is incredibly relaxing and soothing, and it is such a unique experience. After you have this experience at Spa Uno, anytime anyone plays a ‘relaxation tape’ with jungle sounds on it, you can actually imagine that you are really in the jungle. But be prepared, because the disappointment you will feel when you open your eyes and realize you are just in Chicago will also be much more real.

Additional Info

I have never done it, but Spa Uno also has does spa parties. You can invite anywhere from five to thirty five guests with you to enjoy exclusive use of the spa. People do it for bridal showers and bachlorette parties, and it has got to be amazing! Spa Uno also provided brunch and other refreshments, and you and your guests simply lay back and enjoy being pampered all day long!

Spa Uno is a world class spa in which you can enjoy a massage treatment that is like no other. With exclusive hand-made products and services they you cannot find anywhere else, you really have to experience it yourself!